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Why are there cheap goods?


This kind of opportunity is rare. If you encounter this opportunity, it is equivalent to the grand prize!

2、Dumping inventory

Usually companies do not sell products at low prices without considering costs, unless they are in debt or closed down. If you don’t need any after-sales protection, you can buy these goods.


Some unqualified products with hidden appearance or functional defects are specially treated by some bad factories and sold as superior products. Such goods can pass the shipment inspection, but after a short period of use, there will be after-sales complaints.

4、Small workshop products

In order to produce cheaper sanitary products, some small workshops use the cheapest materials and accessories, the lowest quality standards, and some even have no sorting. They also promise quality assurance and after-sales service, but you can’t find them in a few months.

Why are KOALA products not cheap?

1、We are not a small workshop

We are a regular factory and have been providing OEM and ODM services to famous American brands for many years. Each qualifying product is completed through 5 tests and 28 inspections before shipment, including procurement, production, process inspection, and laboratory final testing . Unqualified products are destroyed and cannot be shipped.

2、We care if our products meet local sanitary standards

We have more than 300 products with cUPC, NSF, EPA, CSA, CE certificates, and the annual cost of certificates and product testing exceeds US$100,000.

3、We are responsible for our products

We believe that you need not only a set of products, but also a system of service and business solutions that are sustainable and profitable. Because of this philosophy, we have established business relationships with more than 2,000 buyers in more than 50 countries, many of which have become friends in life. Our business rules are simple, we fulfill our promises, and you will get what you pay for.